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            Founded in 1919, Shougang Group has accumulated rich historical and cultural heritage over the past century, which is the epitome of China’s metallurgical industry and a banner of reform and opening up. At present, the Group has developed into a comprehensive enterprise group that crosses industries, regions, and ownerships while operating internationally with over 600 wholly-owned, holding and shareholding enterprises, over 500 billion yuan of total assets and nearly 90,000 employees. Since 2011, The Group has been among the top 500 enterprises in the world published by the US “Fortune” Magazine seven times.

            Inheriting and carrying forward the spirit of “pioneering, unremitting and hardworking”, and “being highly responsible, innovative and leading”, Shougang people have created countless miracles in reformation and development. The Group is the first to build the modern blast furnace in China with bell-less top device, top-burning hot blast stove and other new technologies, the first to build a modern steelmaking plant by introducing second-hand equipment from abroad, the first endowed with the right of investment, financing and foreign trade autonomy by the state ,the first founded by industrial enterprises, and the first to go out and purchase overseas mineral company Hierro Peru, etc. abroad.

            The Group has carried out unprecedented large-scale relocation of steel plants, becoming the first iron and steel enterprise in China to relocate from central cities to coastal areas. With the trans-regional joint reorganization efforts of Shuicheng Iron & Steel Company, Guiyang Special Steel Company, Changzhi Iron & Steel Company, Tonggang Group and Yili Iron and Steel Group, the Group has extended its industrial layout to coastal areas and resource-enriched regions, expanded its capacity to over 30 million tons and changed its product structure to the main variety of high-end plates. Shougang Jingtang Company has built a new generation of recyclable steel process demonstration process in China, thereby being titled as the “dream plant”, turning China from a large steel country into a powerful one. The relocation of Shougang made a great contribution to the successful hosting of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. It was awarded the title of “Meritorious Shougang” by the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government, becoming a pioneer of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development. In February 2014, when making a speech after his inspection of Beijing, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “The Shougang Group’s relocation to Caofeidian is a specific action for the strategy, and this practice should be continued unswervingly.” 

            Since 2014, Shougang Group has deeply implemented the new development concept and established the strategy positioning of “balanced expansion and coordinative development of two leading industries of steel industry and urban comprehensive service provider through creating a brand new capital operation platform”, so as to take the new Long March towards a new era. The Group has also made active efforts to be leading in the world, raised the comprehensive competitiveness of “manufacturing and services” constantly in the steel industry, and developed 10 major high-end production series of auto plates, electric steel, tin plates and so on, of which its silicon steel product reaches the first echelon in the world. By giving full play to its demonstrative and driving role, the Group has become a platform and carrier for the governments of Beijing and Hebei to implement the national strategy and promoted the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development with the “double park” pattern.

            Seizing the historic opportunity of organizing the Winter Olympic Games, the Group has sped up the rise of the 8.63 square kilometers of old industrial zone in Beijing, eagerly promoted cultural, ecological, industrial and vigorous revival following the “New General Planning” of Beijing City, relying on “Chang’an Golden Axis” and integrating location advantages, space resources and innovative elements, and strived to create a new landmark for the revival of the capital city in the new era. The Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games, the Skiing Platform of the Winter Olympic Games venue, the Innovation Center of Overseas Chinese Businessmen, China’s first and the world’s 19th C40 Positive Climate Project, the National Sports Industry Demonstration Zone, etc. have successively settled in Shougang Beijing Park. IOC President Bach praised the factory renovation of Shougang Park in Beijing as a miracle, an excellent example of implementing the Agenda 2020 and an “amazing” example of urban planning and renewal. Shougang Beijing Park is becoming the highlight and hot spot in the world.

            The Group integrates quality resources to build its functions as a comprehensive urban service provider pursuing the goals of satisfying urban development, the concerns of the government and the needs of the people. It has completed Shougang Biomass Energy Co., Ltd., the largest single waste incineration power plant in the world, the first static transportation R&D demonstration base in China, the only “bus three-dimensional garage manufacturing license” enterprise in China, the parking building of the new Beijing airport, the first domestic airport PPP demonstration project, the first batch of demonstration “national assembly building industry base” by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the integrated management service platform for the administrative office district of Beijing Vice-center, the seawater desalination project of Hierro Peru and Rizhao, and other bright achievements. Its business model has played a leading role. It has sped up the development of financial services, urban infrastructure, real estate, health care, culture and sports, international management and other aspects, and is constantly gathering new momentum to develop new industries.

            On February 1, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Shougang Park and gave important instructions, which injected strong impetus into the high-quality development of Shougang.

            Today, Shougang has attracted the attention of Beijing, China and the world. It continues to write the centenary legend, and create great glories of Shougang again. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era, Shougang people are making every effort to build a new landmark for the revival of the capital city in the new era, to strengthen the iron and steel industry, to build a comprehensive large-scale enterprise group with world-wide influence, and to make newer and greater contributions to the realization of the “China Dream” of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

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