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    Shougang Park

    The New Shougang High-end Industry Comprehensive Service Park (hereinafter referred to as “Shougang Park”) is named after the positioning of developing the old industrial park following the suspension of the Shougang’s main iron and steel making process. Located just 18 kilometers away from the Tiananmen in the westernmost part of Chang’an Avenue, the park covers an area of 8.63 square kilometers. As the only area that allows large-scale and closely-grouped development, Shougang Park, together with Ertong Park, Shoutegang Park and parts of Fengtai and Mentougou, constitutes a collaborative development area which covers a total area of 22.3 square kilometers.

    The park boasts well-developed and convenient traffic. It is connected to the Beijing Urban Expressway system via Fushi Road and Lianshi Road through the 5th and the 6th Ring Roads, and closely linked to the central urban area of Beijing through Metro Lines 1, S1, M6, M11 (planned), R1 (planned) and M3 (planned). In addition, the west extension of Chang'an Avenue will run through the park and divide it into the north and the south areas. 

    Located next to the Yongding River, Beijing’s “Mother River”, and backed by the Xishan Mountains, the park which has been rated as a “Green Ecological Demonstration Zone of Beijing”, is so beautiful with unique scenery, enjoying a view of industrial and natural landscapes such as Shijing Mountain, Qunming Lake, Xiu Pool and blast furnaces. The park Since 2005, Shougang Park has carried out planning research and cooperated with Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University and other units to jointly complete the top-level design of the planning and has simultaneously conducted more than ten special studies. The park planning “is a result of long-term hard work” and its achievement has reached the international advanced level. It has been selected into the “2017 International Award for Planning Excellence” by the Royal Town Planning Institute and won the “Green Building Pioneer Award for 2017” at the International Green Building Conference and won the “2017 China Habitat Environment Award” of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. At present, the Beijing Park has been included in the first batch of pilot projects in the transformation of old urban industrial areas, the comprehensive reform pilot area of the national service industry, the experimental area of national sustainable development, the national independent innovation demonstration area in Zhongguancun and the national smart city pilot area, becoming the first C40 positive climate in sample area China.

    The fourth leading group meeting of the New Shougang High-end Industrial Comprehensive Service Park hosted by Comrade Cai Qi in April 2017 approved of the detailed planning for the north district of the park. Shougang Group is accelerating the development and construction of the park in accordance with Secretary Cai’s requirements of becoming "a new landmark for urban renewal" and Mayor Chen’s instruction spirit that “the use and transformation of Shougang’s industrial relics should preserve the main structure and characteristics of industrial buildings for the integration of industrial heritage and modern office environment, which will fully demonstrate the unique charming cultural of Shougang Park.”

    In terms of space construction, to serve and guarantee the Winter Olympics, it completed the transformation of about 100,000 square meters of industrial relics in the Xishi Steel Silo Area. The Beijing Organizing Committee for Olympic Winter Games has successfully settled in it, which was highly appraised by the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee, Bach; to ensure the preparations for the Winter Olympics, the park has transformed the clean coal workshop into the national team's winter training center, and built a big single-board skiing jump; the first-level development of the southeastern region was approved as a project and the construction of water and electrical heat and other infrastructure is being accelerated; the park also promotes the landing of Beijing workstation of overseas academicians and experts and starts the construction of an international talent community to build the World's Overseas Chinese Business Innovation Center with well-known overseas Chinese businessmen.

    Concerning the industrial planning, the park follows the orientation of the municipal party committee and the municipal government of “a demonstration zone of green transformation of the traditional industry, and a high-end industry innovation height and post-industrial cultural and sports creative base in western Beijing” and plans to build three leading industries in sports+, digital intelligence and cultural creativity, three industrial ecologies of consumption upgrading, smart scenes and green financial services and the industrial system of “three industries, three industrial ecologies and one community” which includes Shougang international talent community.

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